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APM logo 2011

Environmental Sealing Products: Boots for Circuit Breakers, Switches and Potentiometers.  
Custom Molded Dynamic Elastomeric SealsSelf-sealing Fasteners.

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APM Products

Mil / Aero Board Level Connectors, MIL-DTL-32139, MIL-DTL-83513, MIL-C-55302 Cable Assemblies, Flex & Rigid Flex Circuits, Flex Assemblies

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AirBorn Products
Sensata-BEI Sensors 2018

Rugged Encoders, Position Sensors and Motion Control Products Incremental and Absolute Encoder Solutions,
Rotary Optical Encoders, Magnetic Encoders, Hall Effect Non-Contact Position Sensors, Contact Potentiometers and other Motion Control Products.

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BEI products
Bivar logo 2014 Califia 2014B

Enclosure Hardware, LED Indication, LED Lighting

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Bivar Products
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DC-DC Converters, AC-DC Switching Power Supplies.

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Cincon product1
Sensata-crydom 2018

Solid State Relays.  PCB-mount, panel-mount and DIN-Rail mount AC/DC solid-state relays for 1A to 150A applications, Timers.

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Crydom products
ILSI logos 2017

Frequency Control Products: SMD & Thru-hole Oscillators and Crystals.

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Ecliptek products

Lighted Pushbutton Switches, Pushbutton Switches, Indicator Lights, and Multi-Switch Interlocking Assemblies.

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Electro Mech Products

Human Interface Solutions, Optical Encoders, Rotary Switches, Keypads, Joysticks and Pushbuttons, also specializing in integrating these technologies with displays to create ergonomic panels

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Grayhill Products2
Sensata-kavlico 2018

Airflow, Temperature, Pressure Sensors & Switches.

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Kavlico products sm

Custom Transformers, Toroids, Inductors & Power Supply Assemblies.

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Northlake Products
Standex 2017b

Reed Switches, Relays & Sensors, Proximity Sensors, Fluid Level Sensors, Transformers & Inductors, Current Sense Transformers, Planar Transformers, Antennas & Coils, Hermetic Connector Products.

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